June 22nd, 2015


Should I write about wearing lolita and other alternative fashions for my college personal essay?

I know this is an odd question but I need to write a sample personal essay for my English class and I can't help but think that "I pulled up my petticoat, put on my wig, and thought to myself "Now I'm ready for school." is a pretty eye grabbing first sentence. I probably wouldn't use the phrase lolita specifically but I was thinking of writing about some of my experiences wearing it and other alternative fashions around school. Has anyone else tried this? Also any tips or other ideas for a personal essay? I'm a bit behind schedule so the sooner the response the better. Thanks!
doll, pullip

Lolita Film and Cinema?

Hello, Lolitas! :) I've been in Lolita for five years, but I've only just signed up to EGL. Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong in posting this, as I'm not so familiar with forums and Livejournal in general.

I was wondering if there are particular Lolita films that you enjoy, or films that have Lolita-like clothes or inspiration in them. Please share your thoughts!

I have one example from the 1970s of a Lolita-like girl, from a French film called Marie Poupée. Unfortunately I can't find subtitles to post here as the video is private, but there is plenty of eyecandy in this film to make it worthwhile if you don't understand French. Jeanne Goupil makes a gorgeous Lolita and also carries a vintage air about her, and all her outfits are exceptionally cute! The story seems rather sweet at first, but as it progresses you can see that it is actually rather sinister; warnings for nudity and violence.

Of course there are also the usual examples, such as Interview with a Vampire, Marie Antoinette and Kamikaze Girls that I enjoy, as well as films and TV with historical settings.