June 10th, 2015


LJ Sales Comm v. LaceMarket?

A simple question, where do you prefer to shop?

I've liked the set up from LM since the moment it opened. Despite it's glitches, it seems simple to use, easy to look at and overall a better system. However, I've recently run into some minor emergencies and I'm cleaning out my Lolita wardrobe, trying to sell about 90% of it (a good portion of which is brand) and I'm having the worst luck. I've price cut some items so much I feel like I'm practically giving them away at this point and still no bites. I wonder, even if I prefer LM, is it really just a wasteland in terms of selling anything? Do most Lolitas still stick to the tried and true Sales Comm? Or has the Lolita market overall just taken a huge nosedive? I know Facebook is another option but I've never sold there before and hate the way FB is set up, especially since it's not really supposed to be used to sell things.

Your opinions?