June 6th, 2015


June Monthly Theme – Upcycling

June's theme is Upcycling
We all know how pricey lolita can be! This month, share your favorite tips for saving money in the fashion. Whether you've found a perfect blouse for mere pennies or discovered a way to transform a simple item into a gorgeous accessory, show us your best tricks!

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And happy International Lolita Day! ;)

Best Hairstyles for Lolita?

I'm getting my hair cut in a month or 2 and I'm curiouse what kind of haircuts you girls have to match your lolita wardrobes? I typically keep my hair long and just wear pigtails but I want some other options as well. Any ideas? (I know that wigs are big in lolita but I want a good hair style for when I'm not wearing a wig.) (btw my hair is brown and I'm not opposed to dyeing my hair)