May 19th, 2015

New lolita; How do I coordinate an Infanta Cinderella JSK in red. + any other tips for a noob

I am new to the lolita community and honestly I have no clue on how anything here works. But I do have a specific question. About a year ago, I bought Infanta's Cinderella JSK in red.

I really like the blouse it's paired with in this picture, but I have no clue on how or where to find it. Other than the blouse, I have no idea how to coordinate this JSK, nor do I have any idea on how to shop for lolita. Taobao confuses me and I don't really get the whole lolita shopping experience yet. Could someone please help and maybe give some pointers for a noob lolita like me? All answers will be highly appreciated!

P.S. no clue if I tagged this properly! I'm still confused on that one too. So sorry in advance. :c