May 16th, 2015

Birthday Haul

Hey again everyone! A little while I go I posted to get help for the coord I would wear on my birthday daytrip to NYC to go to the BABY/AatP/Tokyo Rebel store. I want to thank everyone who helped out, because partly thanks to you guys this day was great! I'm releived today went well because I won't be able to celebrate my birthday on my actual birthday, so this was my pseudo-day I got back a little while ago and after stuffing my face with pizza and rice pudding, I edited the photos I took. Pics and more below the cut:
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There are deaf Lolitas ?

Hello everyone

I post this message to everyone to ask if there are deaf Lolitas?

Why this question? This is because I am the only deaf lolita since 5 years in France, it is not at all easy for me to be alone in the world of Lolitas even though I have friends Lolitas hearing that were there for me

but I really want to know that I would not be the only deaf in this world and I would like to know deaf Lolitas if there.. It's to be able to share my passion, I do not feel any One especially bavander with them in sign language more simply..

That is my only desire to find deaf Lolitas in the world and share my passion with them, I really wish all of my heart

so I hope everyone will see my message. And deaf Lolitas can send me private messages to know me,

Thank you in advance and I really hope that there would be answers..

Bodyline Dress L144 Help/Oppinion

Hi! ^^ I love this dress Bodyline L144. It is the carousel one. I'm wondering if it could fit a larger bust or not? On lolibrary the lolitas are saying that it fit them just right when they were the measurements of the dress (or smaller) but idk if it could go bigger since it has corset lacing. What do you girls think? O.O