May 11th, 2015

Putting lolita dresses in the washing machine?

Live journal deleted my original text so I will make a condensed version of what my post was.

I am needing to put my most worn clothes in the washing machine. They have gotten to the point where spot cleaning and Febreeze won’t take care of it. I’ve read many washing machine posts and also the memories. I’ve learned that dresses should be put into mesh/delicates bag, use Woolite Delicate Care detergent, setting on cold, and they should be hung dry.

I have a few questions before I start. Any advice or responses would be appreciative, thank you!

1.) What size Load should I have? I was thinking of washing 3 of my most worn dresses (solid pink, no prints, chiffon AP dresses) and 1 blouse (chiffon blouse by BtSSB).

2.) Should I put each garment in its own mesh bag? My bags are large enough to fit 2-3 dresses in, but I feel it may be better to have each garment in its own bag?

3.) On my washing machine (I will attach photos below), there is three parts: Load size, Temperature, and Cycle. I plan on having the Load size to be Super, even though there is only 4 garments. The temperature will be Cold/Cold. But the Cycle, which has 3 settings; Cottons, Dark Colors, and Casual — what should I put it on? I was thinking Casual but I’m not sure. Also should I put it on Light, Heavy, Rinse & Soak, or Drain & Spin? I was thinking about Light but I’d like others input.

Also would it be okay to also use "Downys Unstoppable In-Scent Booster" along with the Woolite Delicates Care detergent?

Here are pictures of my washer settings:

Thank you!