May 9th, 2015

Buying from My Lolita Dress

So I decided to seriously treat myself if I pass all of my finals (especially physics), and I found an indie brand jsk that I love on My Lolita Dress (, and they also have Classical Puppets' bell-shaped petticoats.
I was wondering if they were trustworthy/good quality?  I know they have brand stuff, but I also know that doesn't really mean anything.
And hints about their sizing are totally welcome. (Especially because the jsk I'm looking at has bust measurements that are significantally smaller than the waist, or maybe they're just reversed.) (

Promoting my blog ~

Hello there ! So, I wanted to promote my blog a little, I'm quite new in the blogging world, so please let me know what you think ^^
I hope I can do this on the community, but nothing seems to forbid it in the rules :O
If you have a little time, check this :
I post :
DIY and tutorials
Natural beauty tips
Makeup tutorials
Lifestyle q/a and advices

Thank you ! ♥

With love, Sheeprincess ~♥

PS: I don't know if my keyword choice is right, I'm sorry if not, I'm not used to this.