April 23rd, 2015

Infanta Snow White JSK measurements?

So Clobba lists the measurements for the Infanta Snow White Corset JSK as set, even though the dress is shown with back shirring. I loooove this dress and it's a dream print of mine, but I'm just outside of the XL measurements listed. My bust is 104cm in a normal bra and around 99cm in a compression bra. I'm wondering if anyone that has this dress can tell me if those measurements are the average measurement, or if they're the max measurements?

Any help would be appreciated! Please and thank you.

Tenso question

Hello. The site requires identification that I don't have.
The only form of identification I have is a letter. Which apparently they don't allow. It has my address on which was printed on a sticker by a company. I presume letters also mean personal post like parcels or receipts from usps or whatever too.
I don't have a passport or license or have any bill letters. So not sure what to do for I.d to use them.