March 11th, 2015

sleeping beauty

silk flowers

I couldn't think where else to ask this so...
I want to buy a load of silk flowers, where is the cheapest place to buy nice ones online? I am in the uk so needs to ship to there. Added bonus if they are already on hairclips! :-)

Rule Update and Introducing Newbie Notes

Hi, EGL! Welcome to the inaugural edition of Newbie Notes, a new weekly tutorial feature on the community. Typically, we'll use this space to answer commonly asked questions about lolita, or to provide a brief tutorial on a basic aspect of the fashion. The comment section will be open to any questions from members regarding the fashion, and all are welcome to comment with answers as they please!

This feature is probably the most visible sign of a new update to EGL's rules. This week, instead of a tutorial, we'll give you a short rundown of the changes we've made.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding this rule update, please ask them in the appropriate space in the comment thread! Otherwise, the floor is open for any simple questions regarding lolita fashion :)