February 10th, 2015


If you were a Lolita designer...

Every so often we'll get a topic that discusses different prints Lolitas would like to someday see and those are always fun to read. This time I thought it'd be interesting to discuss it a little further and go into specific design elements or accessories we would love to have!

For me, I have a growing love for trapeze style dresses! I don't often find them in Lolita, especially those with a more classic style, but there are some out there and I'd love to see more. I would also love to see more "youthful" florals (what was that floral dress AP came out with at the end of last year? I don't particularly keep track of their stuff but I saw it in the store and while it was much more classic and mature than their usual stuff, the colors kept it cute and pretty), and jewelry made with silver instead of the constant gold.

What about you?