February 3rd, 2015

Fabric Recommendation for OC

Hi so I'm a new lolita and I plan on sewing an OC soon. I'm drawing my inspiration from the Angelic Pretty Misty Sky OP in Sax.
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My goal is to draw inspiration from this dress and not replicate it. So I know I want to have a similar cut and color. I'm probably going to add lace in some of the same places. I'm not sure if I'm adding a lot of bow decor or not. I guess I'll make that decision later. But I did however recently buy a light blue beret (also a white one) and I would love for the op I'm making to coordinate. I'm also thinking it needs to be warm and comfy. It's currently winter so something I can wear without totally freezing to death would be nice. So I was considering a flannel such as this one on sale at Joann's.

My basic question is what fabric would you use? What texture? What pattern? What color? I prefer pastel blue colors but I want more then one of this cut of op (i'm not sure what this high waisted cut is called) so I'm open to suggestion. Such as I saw this super cute version of the cut that had embroidered collar and I thought it was adorable.

(the fabric doesn't line up in the center but what ever it give you a cute idea)
So basically I'm up for any useful advice. Thank-You.


Lolita Brand "Pink Up"?

Has anyone ever heard of the brand Pink Up? My-Lolita-Dress is selling Lucky packs featuring their items right now and as I've never purchased a lucky pack before I'm really wanting to jump on it asap. But this brand doesn't sound familiar to me and Google has yielded zero results. Are they new? Does anyone know?

I'm a younger, new lolita...Tips/advice?

I'm 14, and I've been looking at the fashion for a long time. I just recently asked my parents about it. They said yes! They themselves did not like it much, but they agreed to get me some cheaper lolita clothes. Bodyline and Closetchild are my best bets, but I'm trying to go for Bodyline.

Alright, I found a few things on there, but I can't tell whether or not they are good quality...can someone tell me or direct me to something better? I want to look for a JSK before all else. I want to base my coord off of it.
Are these good quality? I want them in pink.

I also wanted some basic tips? I know a bit, like avoiding lace-monster dresses, keeping away from Milanoo and avoiding Polyester...but is there anything else?

I also wanted to ask if anyone can recommend good petticoats? I understand Bodyline pettis don't really hold puff, but I'm not sure exactly what to get/how many to wear for good puff.

Kitsuraki's Wardrobe Post!

DSC01413 copy
Hello everyone, here is my very late wardrobe post. sorry everyone! I had a busy month, but I included most stuff that I got in January, even though I don't think you are suppose to do that. Also to add to the difficulties is that I have my wardrobe separated in two different locations (my dorm room and my house), so it was harder to make a more organized wardrobe post (so sorry about the disorganization of this post! Most other people have put mine to shame).

My new year resolution for next year is to have this planned in advance so I don't have my wardrobe post so disorganized (and late)

Let's begin!

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