February 1st, 2015

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February Monthly Theme - Dress Me Up

With the success of last year's February theme, we're happy to have our Dress Me Up theme back for a second time! This month, we're building on January's "wardrobe" theme and helping each other coordinate items from our closets. This is a great opportunity for new lolitas, those with years of experience, and everyone in between to have fun and try something new with their wardrobe!

Here's how this month's theme will work:

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January 2015 Wardrobe Post

Last year I didn't do a wardrobe post because I'd only just started out in lolita and only had a few pieces. In the course of a year I've acquired a not-particularly-cohesive but decent mostly Taobao/Bodyline wardrobe with a few brand items. Although it's not very exciting (only a dozen main pieces), I wanted to do a wardrobe post this year so I had a record of my progress.

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A Chipmunk

A Very Rainey (and Bunny) Wardrobe 2015!

There have been a lot of changes in my life in the last year, one of them has been that cinnabunnylol and I moved into a little house together. That said, she really wanted to make a wardrobe post, but was way too busy sewing. So I offered to take pictures of her things as well as mine. Unfortunately, between work and one of our kittens getting sick, I ran out of time to finish. I photographed the majority of our dresses, skirts, and blouses though. I'll probably post this to my blog (rainedragon.com) later this year with the missing dresses and blouses and our accessories, bags and shoes added in too. Hope you enjoy!


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