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The EGL Community
For Gothic & Lolita Fashion
January 30th, 2015 

Welcome to my 2015 wardrobe post!
I wear mostly sweet and some classic as well.

How many wonders can one Ikea Brimnes wardrobe hold?Collapse )
My youtube channel: mellieheartspink

02:15 pm - qutieland
so I recently bought lavender ap style tea party shoes. I pay for it over a week ago and still haven't heard any updates and when I check the site it still says pending payment. I knew that it was slow I just did know how slow. has anyone else bought shoes from qutieland. how long did they have to wait before they told you anything. I would have bought on collbella or whatever the other buyer site is called but they didn't have the shoes on there. just wondering if I'll really get my shoes in 20 working days.
Hello! I did a review of glitzywonderland.com on my tumblr blog. I think there are still some people who are iffy about glitzywonderland, but I am here to tell you that they are a wonderful store! The person who helped me was super helpful and the dress arrived very quickly and it looks beautiful~

Preppy school style,
or a lovely floral jumperskirt?
An elegant lacey onepiece,
or some colourful pop prints?

I'll have some of each, m'dear.

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