January 29th, 2015


A Still Somewhat Excentrique Wardrobe


This is my second year doing a wardobe post; you can find 2014 here. I'm now wearing lolita/otome pieces most days, so I've been expanding my color palette so I can make the most possible outfits per main item. My style skews somewhat casual, with classic and military influences: I love underbust cuts, military detailing, boned bodices, blouses with big bows, and monochromatic prints.

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American Made Cupcake Petticoats

Hello my lovely Lolitas. <3

I've gone and done something rather rash... and a bit exciting!

I was in a conversation in a loli group about petticoats. The problem for American lolis is we have no real source for well made cupcake petticoats.  We can place orders to far away companies,  or modify A-Line petticoats, however none of these options are perfect.

So, I had a moment of crazed genus,  and decided to simply call Malco Modes, and ask them to make a cupcake petticoat. They gave me to their specialty maker.  This company is called Sam's Manufacturing.

For those not aware,  Malco Modes is the longest functioning manufacturer of petticoats in America.  They are 100% produced in America and are used on stage, screen, and in every day life.

I spoke to Allen who is their production Manager. He is very interested in making cupcake petticoats but would like to hear from the lolita community. He is very understanding of our particular needs, and is very aware that Lolita is a fashion and NOT a costume.

If you could take a moment to email him. Let him know what colors, length, trim, materials that you are looking for in your lolita petticoat, it would help speed this process along.


Thanks! I'm really excited about this! And I hope it actually happens!

DarkRomantica's Wardrobe Post 2015 ~

Welcome to a wardrobe filled with classic and gothic pieces! ^^
I hope you enjoy seeing my post, as much as I enjoy all the other wardrobe posts!
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