January 25th, 2015

*** My Classical and Otome wardrobe ***

Hello everyone!

I suppose my last post on egl was around 2010- quite a time! I know Lolita Fashion since 2004 but I am into the fashion since 2005 (I bought my first métamorphose skirt :3)
Mary Madgalene and Classical was already my favourite even If I've been throught many phases (I onwned a lot of prints from baby and AP).

In 2010, I totally renewed my wardrobe by selling a lot of baby  and Ap prints and bought more Mary Magdalene (like my burgundy coat). Everyting I bought since 2010 never left my wardrobe :) I've only added more and more and didn't sell a things since a while!
mary magdalene 7 nella fragola wardrobe 2014
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