January 24th, 2015

First Ever Wardrobe Post!

I've been into Lolita for three years now and have been selling things at the same right that I've been acquiring them, so my wardrobe has stayed small, but manageable over the years. I managed to get a solid job this year, so I finally got to the point where I'm proud enough of my wardrobe to do a post! I love floral motifs the most and my favorite brand is Innocent World. My Lolita goal for this year is to get more dream pieces and blouses. I'm super excited to be documenting my wardrobe for the first time. I think wardrobe posts are great for seeing your progress and that's exactly what I want to do. I wish I could fast forward to next year's already!

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Can someone please explain Polyvore to me?

I hope this isn't too off=topic, but as Polyvore is a fashion site and I know many Lolitas use it I hope someone can help me.

I feel so stupid, but I've worked on it for hours and I just can't get my head around this website. So far I have installed the Clipper tool so I can Like things to my account. From there, that's about all I understand. I am trying to put things into groups such as Dresses, Shoes, Blouses, etc. so that I can have my pictures organized and will be able to easily find things when I make a collage for a coord or something.

For awhile I thought I was getting it by putting things into a collection, but then somewhere along the way some things stopped saving and when I go to make a collage absolutely nothing shows up under My Items. Ugh!

I would really really appreciate any help. I've tried reading the FAQs and generally experimenting with it but I'm getting nowhere and I'm SO frustrated. I haven't found another website that works for collages and since everyone seems to use Polyvore it just seems reasonable that it's not as complicated as I'm making it out be.
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Eat Me Ink Me photoshoot "ALBERTA"

♥ ♥ ♥
Hello, ladies and gents!
♥ ♥ ♥

I want to share a very dear project of mine that has finally reached it's full capacity - full photoshoot for my very first print called ALBERTA!
It's been a 4-year long project and with this photoshoot I can finally say it's at it's peak c:

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