January 20th, 2015

DIY thrifted shoe project!

I have a somewhat cute pair of brown shoes that I found at a thrift shop. They have high platforms, a big round shape to the toe, and they lace up. 1421786685912491203325
I intend on repairing and then lolifying these babies. I want to paint the upper part white and the sole a dark brown possibily, and use thick ribbons for the laces (no specific color in mind for those, I fiured I'd change the color according to my coord). I was wondering if anybody had any good ideas to cutify these? Shoes have always been my biggest issue with lolita, and I think if I fix these up right I'll have a bonafide pair of perfectly good shoes for my paler coords. They're gonna be old-schoolesque no matter what I do to them, but it'll be better than nothing.

My Dark-Classic Wardrobe

I've been slowly rebuilding my wardrobe since switching styles a couple years ago, and this year I'm finally feeling like I've filled in the gaps. It's been a lot of fun starting to branch out in to more unusual colors (for me) and experimenting with new coordinates.

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