January 18th, 2015

Milklatte's Wardrobe Post!

First Wardrobe Post!
Wardrobe header
This is my first time posting a wardrobe collection. I've been a long time lurker, and have been looking into Lolita fashion for awhile. I bought my first dress at the end of 2012, and from there I've been slowly building up my wardrobe. I hope you enjoy my humble collection!
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kechara_'s Wardrobe Post 2015~~

Hello everyone~

I've been dabbling in lolita on and off for several years now but have gotten a bit more serious about collecting some dream pieces more recently thanks to having a stable job ^_^. I have been following everyone's fabulous wardrobe posts with interest, and it has inspired me to actually photograph what I currently own mostly for my own benefit (it's nice to have a visual catalogue for easy and quick reference!) but I thought I'd also share a peek with everyone :)

I've only photographed my dresses, and I favour them heavily over skirts (super easy to throw together a work outfit when half-asleep in the morning!) so you'll notice a distinct bias... I am a lazy coordinate-maker XD

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puppy, cute

My First Wardrobe Post!


Hi There! I'm Alli and I've been a lolita for 3 years now! Every year I enjoy going through the wardrobe posts, but until this year, I never felt confident enough in my wardrobe to post.
This year I decided to take the plunge and post! I hope you enjoy my wardrobe as much as I enjoy browsing through all of yours!
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Sakurasheff Wardrobe post 2015

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Sooo, my wardrobe posts from the past couple of years are here and here

Halfway through last year I decided I wanted to shed my wardobe and get down to 24 items...I tried really hard and sold stuff - but I didn't stop buying stuff.

Below is the result
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