January 14th, 2015

Lolita - Juggle

First Wardrobe Post!

Hello everyone! My name is Destiny, and I have been dressing in Lolita for about a year and a half now, and I thought about posting my wardrobe last January, but I was unemployed for a long time, so my Lolita wardrobe has grown slowly. I am hoping to build it up more this year, but here is a look at what I have so far. You can click on any of the pictures to zoom in.

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2015 Wardrobe Post!


So this month marks my three year anniversary since joining EGL and mid-April will mark three years since I wore Lolita in public! My how times have changed... Since my last post I've gotten rid of some things that I'm not too fond of anymore and got my hands on some new jewelry, accessories and even my first piece of brand. I've ordered a couple accessory luck packs from the Internet (including one on Black Friday, which probably wasn't too good of an idea...). I was among 25-30 people who attended Baltimore's first ever Harajuku walk in September and I even met another Lolita in my county who sews most of her clothes! So it's been quite a bit of fun this year!

Heads up: I took these pictures over the course of several days, so quality may fluctuate a bit. Sorry!

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Salopette Questions?

Hello everyone! I recently purchased an AP Cotton Candy Shop Salopette Lucky Pack, it's quite cute and it fits wonderfully. But I do have a couple questions about Salopettes in general/personal. If any of the questions seem completely obvious, I apologize! I'm still trying to learn the ins and outs and dos and don'ts of lolita for I am quite new to the fashion.

- I have seen around that some say Salopettes aren't part of lolita, but more part of the Fairy-Kei fashion or other types of fashion. Is this true?

- Are Salopettes like JSKs? Or are they a type on their own?

- Do you need a petticoat? I know that in lolita it is an absolute must but some have been saying you don't need one or it just depends.

Now to the sort of related personal question:

Even though the Salopette fits wonderfully, I am 5'5" and the skirt is well over my knee. Is this normal for a Salopette? I know that according to lolita guidelines skirts cannot be over 2" above the knee (but there are exceptions to some styles). Will I have to get an underskirt to lengthen it?

So those are my questions. Again I apologize if some answers are obvious or some questions overlay one another.

If I'm not clear enough please let me know!!
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Wardrobe Post 2015!

I've been into Lolita since 2010, but this is my very first wardrobe post. Due to working, then being a student, then unemployed, then working, I have gone through periods where my wardrobe has been small and a bit stagnant. However, I decided this year I have built up enough of a wardrobe to post!

Sadly, I don't have a dressmakers dummy, or a good location for photos - so they just had to be on my bed. Still you should get a good idea of my wardrobe.


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