January 13th, 2015

Palace of Princes Presents Nightfall

We are excited to finally unveil Palace of Princes’s Nightfall! You are cordially invited to wine and dine with the Princes at an intimate evening reception which will include hors d'oeuvres, a bar, vending, an elegant fashion show, sponsored raffle and Q&A with special international guests never before seen in Texas showcasing their work.

Palace of Princes is an organization focused on spreading knowledge about Ouji and Aristocrat fashion. The Princes consist of several prominent international members of the worldwide J-fashion community, including Aerynsys and buttcape from the U.S. street fashion scene, and technotropism of the Australian-based film organization Deerstalker Pictures.

Nightfall will unfold the evening of Thursday, April 2, 2015 at the Crystal Ballroom Houston, a short 15 minute walk from the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. Located in the heart of downtown Houston’s famed Rice Hotel, the Crystal Ballroom is a 1913 historic ballroom featuring crystal chandeliers, heroic murals, immaculate 35-foot vaulted ceiling and picturesque views from the full wraparound terrace.

This is one of Houston's most treasured and historic landmarks, an event here is not to be missed.

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First Coord

So I'm a new lolita and have been interested in the fashion for quite a while. I recently got a sewing machine for Christmas and since I had piles of lace lying around and a petticoat from a cosplay I decided to alter a dress I had to lolita. So below is a picture of the coord.

Bow/headband: Made
Bow tie: Made
Blouse: Thrift shop find (for civil war reenacting)
JSK: Made from old dress and dressed up with lace
Pettiecoat: Ebay (for cosplay)

I'm also going to wear a wig, white tights, and brown combat boots that have the same ilet pattern on them as the dress has (mostly cause they are the only shoes I have that matches in color). I also have two waist length wigs with curls in them I was considering wearing. One is a dark brown the other is blond. I was hoping for opinions what might look better. I want to do brown but I wasn't sure if that would be too much brown. Also just come critique and stuff is nice. It was my first time sewing so some stuff I feel came out pretty well but other stuff I feel could have been better. I also what to get a better A line petticoat for the dress since I feel it needs more poof. All together I had no clue what i was doing (nor did I use patterns) and it was my first time sewing. It took me about two evenings to complete. Thanks for still reading this :)
PS I also noticed that hanged up like that it looks like the neck line of the jsk swoops down a bit in the center but thats only because no one is in it in the picture. Normally it goes straight across the front.