January 12th, 2015


hey guys I found a dress on rings go.com its a dream dress of mine and I almost bought it years ago but by the time I had saved enough money it was gone. I finally found a website by complete accident with the dress called rings go.com. the site has some pics that I have seen of the dress on qutieland but says milanoo on it so that frightened me. I did a review search for it and it seems to be legit? I just wanted to ask if any of you had ordered from them before? or what your advice would be? here is the link. http://www.ringsgo.com/fashion/Fabulous-Black-Jacquard-Cotton-Bandage-Classic-Lolita-Dress-p16492.html

Petticoat Dilemma

Okay, I'm going to premise this with the fact that I am a VERY NEW lolita. Not even a petticoat to my name. So I ordered one from a department store. It arrived today and brought along with it disappointment. I could barely get it on (although I'll blame that on the fact that it was a child's sized thing) and it was barely poufy.

So now my options are:
A. Add a thing to the waistband as well as extra tule (which would also make me swap out the lace so it all matched)
B. Return it and just make my own.
C. Return it and buy a petticoat from Bodyline or F+F or My Lolita Dress .com. (Reviews would be helpful here).

What would you suggest?