January 10th, 2015

to the all swiss/switzerland lolitas out there, or other lolitas/people that can help

in the next month (04.02) im coming to swiss for a week and a half (because i have a house near to zurich)
the last time i was in swiss i tried to find in FB the swiss community but i didn't succeed.
and then i thought this year i have expanded my wardrobe and im would really glad to meet lolita from switzerland. so if you would like to meet with me i would like that alot, please messege me. because i dont go into EGL alot please write to my email: hilli13m@gmail.com or write to my FB account.
thanks alot if you read all of this!

Ailsa's Wardrobe Post 2015 - Gothic, Classic and a bit of Otome

I love this time of year on egl - thank you to everyone who has shared their wardrobes so far, and I can't wait to see the rest.

This is my 11th(!) year as a lolita, but I sold almost everything back in 2009 before coming back to the fashion in 2010, so I guess this collection is about 4 years worth. I hope you enjoy looking through it!

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New to Lolita

ok so I have two lolita outfits so far one sweet one gothic, the gothic one is not technically a lolita but more lolita inspired :). I am an older lolita and I love all styles of lolita including sweet. I read that Lolita can get a bit technical with details and like and they say that sweet should be for younger lolitas but I hope I can still wear sweet and look ok? Also I am in Australia, does anyone know of an Australian Lolita group?

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elsa, let, it, go, disney

Essie of Who's Wardrobe Post

Hi everyone! This is my first time making a post here in the EGL community so I'll introduce myself. My name is Mary Ruth, I prefer to be called Mary, and my screen name is Essie of Who. (My nickname is Essie so if you call me that it won't bother me too much.) I'm new to EGL, the community here on Livejournal, and wearing lolita in general. I've known about lolita for years (about 10?) but it wasn't until 2014 when I really made an effort to purchase/make anything lolita.
Inspite of my good intneitons, 2014 turned out to be a bad year for me to get into lolita. For the past five years I've been going through delayed growth spurts and it wasn't until very late 2014 when the growth spurts slowed down enough that I think my body is extremly close to settling at it's proper height. Due to this, and that I had to buy all new non-lolita clothes to fit my new height, I decided not to buy anything lolita until I know how tall I should be, what size I am, I'm able to replace all the clothes I outgrew, ect. I did buy fabric to make myself lolita jumpskirts, skirts, ect. but those plans were delayed due to a broken sewing machine.
Although 2014 ened up not being the year when I could wear lolita, I still was able to finish one skirt to go with a military style cordinate I planned on making inspired by Hussar jackets.
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