January 8th, 2015

  • shiro_o

Shiro_o's 2015 Wardrobe Post


Hello everyone! This is my second wardrobe post on EGL, you can find my second one just here. ^^ Before I even realized it, my wardrobe grew quite a lot in 2014!

My goals for 2015 would be to define my style more towards Classic and, mostly, acquire some of my dream dresses and more non-print pieces from my wishlist.

But enough rambling, here's a bigger and hopefuly still strangely cohesive Classic and Sweet wardrobe! :)
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crown, roses

Aries_kitsune Wardrobe Post 2015

Hello lovelies! <3

It's my second year posting, but I've been into lolita since 2010. My how time flies. You can see last year's post over here.

This year I did some editing of my wardrobe. I sold a few things, bought others, and shifted some items over to the casual/work wear section of my closet. I tried to buy jsks instead of skirts since I've realized that they suit me better. I also worked on improving my coording skills by matching shades of colors better and selecting my accessories with care.

I also reviewed the wardrobe goals I set last year, and set some new ones for this year. You can read about that here.

Right now, I am fond of sweet and bittersweet style which I believe is reflected pretty well in my wardrobe. I find that I have moved away from overly cutesy prints, and would rather have something that is toned down sweet or feel elegant.

And away we go...