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Wardrobe post II: 99% offbrand

This is the second year in my lolita journey. 2014 was full of change, my wardrobe looks quite different from the last, becoming more floral and girly. The house was also renovated and it was my chance to transform my former bedroom into a walk-in closet. I tried to take better pictures this year too, and included coordinate pictures, especially for the less-loli things.
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Chocolate Milk

Angelic Pretty ring sizing question


My boyfriend bought me a bunny ring from Angelic Pretty a few months ago and now I'm hooked on AP rings! The bunny ring is the one with the adjustable gold band, but I'm looking at into ones like this:

Does anyone know what size the rings with the thicker plastic bands are or if they adjust any? Thank you!!

sweetexpedition's 2014 to 2015 Wardrobe

2014 was my first year of being interested in, buying and wearing lolita.
I wanted to do a wardrobe post this year, because what made me need to start buying was the wardrobe posts from last year. My style is all over the place, so I've only documented my main pieces, because I have far too many blouses, legwear and accessories.
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Emerald's Wardrobe 2015! Second year in lolita fashion~

So this is my second wardrobe post here, and it means I'm about 2.5 years in lolita fashion now. You can see my previous post here~ http://egl.livejournal.com/19570074.html
This was interesting year for my wardrobe, I tried to change my style, and sold a lot of gothic dresses in summer to replace them with sweet and classic ones. But then in december I ended up selling most of my sweet dresses and bought new gothic ones! I even had dresses I never wore, and sold them as soon as I got them, because I knew that it won't suit me well (some classical pieces from taobao). I bought a lot of new blouses and tried some ouji/kodona pieces.
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