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Krakens Wardrobe post 2018

3rd wardrobe post, been collecting since around 2011. I mostly wear Pirate/Nautical styles. I've supplemented previous year post with new images, because damn I'm lazy. This years background is the parchment/text one!

Apologies for poor layout and some blurry pics! I took detail pics of some of my favorite things, but not of every dress.


AATP Dance of the black cats Wine OP.

AATP This is My blood Baloon JSK Ivory

Citanul Rotation of Hippocampus JSK Navy.

Eye of Horus JSK in Wine.

Long Ears and Sharp Ears The Great Voyage JSK in Wine.

AATP Night Fairy Fantasia JSK I Navy, AATP Tarot Card JSK red and OP black.

AATP Rapunzel OP, AATP Treasure hunt in the mystic Island JSK Black - Navy - Ivory.

AATP Alice II JSK Black, AATP Black cat witch and the apple tree JSK Navy.

Krad Lanrete Aurelia/Jellyfish OP Navy long, Krad Lanrete Medusa OP red long, Putomayo OP grey.

Metamorphose Darknight guardian JSK Green Long, Metamorphose Starry night sky underbust jsk Red, Innocent world Luna stripe JSK Ivory long.

Atelier Pierrot Corset jsk dress Wine, Baby the stars shine bright Tartan vest JSK red.

Escailes de lune Forest of pipe organ JSK black, Rouge Aerie nightmare rising Black, Doris Night Voyage Jsk black.

Infanta King and nightingale velvet JSK Black, Infanta Power and Throne velvet jsk NavyxSilver, Infanta Cathedral Chiffon OP Navy.

Baby the stars shine bright Lucky Pack OP, Black Peace Now underbust JSK, Dark Box The Ceremonial Proceeding short JSK.

Innocent world Acanthus JSK long Wine, Innocent world Antique Book JSK long wine, Innocent world Chess pattern jsk Black/Grey.

Surface spell Dream eat book of shadow JSK Black, Surface spell stained glass JSK, Elena Garden Alice Voyage JSK.

Axes femme skirts (Whoops wrong category! ) unknown names, Velvet stags + Long skirt Cross keys. Axes Femme JSKs red HoundsTooth vest and another Keys.

AATP versailles rose ribbon JSK. A Dream dress of mine for so long I almost missed it/didnt get it but some good friends Dark kermitted us into buying it!

H.Naoto Blood dress. Im afraid I dont know this ones name other than  I love all the different details and  the lace overlay.

Innocent world crest gobelin jsk

Fun Ccnio Ragnarok JSK Green Long

Fun Ccnio Signal Interruption JSK and Shawl


AATP This is my Blood Skirt Black.

AATP Lace Print Skirt in black.

Axes Femme Constellation Embroidery skirt,

Chiffon Overskirts, BPN and Atelier Boz.

Underskirts, Atelier Boz, BPN, AATP.

AATP This is my Blood Skirt Red, AATP Masquerade Theatre Skirt Black, AATP Vampire Reqiuem skirt Wine.

AATP Castle of Nightmare Skirt red, AATP Grimoir of the Moonlight Forest skirt Navy, AATP Nightship alice skirt Black.

AATP Ragnarok Story of the Final Stage skirt black, AATP This is my blood Cutsew (also in wrong place :P )

Bodyline bustle skirt Black, Dear Celine grey/black velvet flocked skirt, Atelier Boz corset skirt black/wine.

Fan Plus Friend Balloon skirt Ivory, Rose Melody Rose Crucifix skirt, Metamorphose Masquerade lady skirt Navy.

Innocent World Classical Angel Bustle Skirt black, Innocent world birdcage skirt in Wine with choker. Innocent world Philharmonic Angel skirt black.

FanPlusFriend machine bird cage skirt.

Ichigomiko Lord of the Rings skirt in long length Navy

Julliete et Justine, unknown name velvet and fur skirt with embossed feathers

Krad Lanrette Transilvania moonlight skirt in purple

Fun Ccino Ragnarok skirt in short Red

AATP Name of the rose Skirt

BPN Buttcape/Corset Red

BPN Buttcape/Corset Black


AATP Coat - Dream Coat :D

Axes femme Cardigan, Jacket.

Vests, Algonquins and BPN.

BPN Jacket.

Taobao Underbust velvet bustier, BPN Assymetrical Bustier.

Thrifted Velvet jacket, H.Naoto Blood Jacket, H.naoto Dark redrum long vest white. Axes Femme fur collar waist coat, AATP Tourinot vest gold, Axes Femma velvet waistcoat.

Back of H.naoto jacket:

BPN Bustier

Atelier Boz Velvet Waistcoat

BPN Batwing cape

BPN Adjustable bustle coat.

(Back to front) Axesfemme Chandelier cardigan, AATP rose Cardigan, Axes Femme Bolero. Vivienne Westwood Corsets Grey/white stripes and Black Velvet, Black leather underbust corset, Brown buckel underbust faux leather corset.

(Front row) Misc Vivienne westwood shoes, (Back row) offbrand brown boots, NineWest boots, Newrock boots. Bat wing Taobao shoes.

Your Highness Vampire Boots in Red.


I lazied out as there is a lot of them, sorry.

Lapin Agil, Debenhams vintage, AATP.

All vintage.

Vintage, Axesfemme, Vintage.

Surface Spell, All saints, Taobao, H.Naoto.

Bodylinex2, Lacegarden, Atelier Boz.

Vintage, Axes Femme, AATPx2

Vintagex3 AATP

Fun Ccino Ragnarok Shirt in green.

Misc Thermal/fleece blouse that is super warm and awesome.

Misc Taobao blouse that doesnt work with anything and makes me question my wardrobes collaboration constantly.

Misc accessories

Tights: TattooTIghts/Armor, Haenuli, Madame chocolate, Grimoire, R-series: AATP tejajamilla x 4, Vivienne westwood: Misc gift/offbrand and Tattootights Ropes.

AATP Eyepatches, Taobao Berret.

I spent some time this year reorganising my accessory storage, getting rid of all the small hard to find seperate boxes, and putting everything into these boxes within velvet dividers seperated by metal base color for easy finding!

Pin collection Gold

Pin Collection Silver

Necklaces Gold

Necklaces Silver

Rings Gold

Rings Silver

Chokers, all gifts except the top Alchemy gothic piece.

Misc pieces and Suppurate System Orb.

Misc Alchemy Gothic and Restyle pieces.

Pearl Set misc Taobao and VW.

Garters and matching Chokers.

One of my favorite pieces, it has a pin on the back so can be worn as necklace or pin.

(left) Mostly floral crowns Gold and blue ones handmade rest from misc Taobao. (Right) AATP Hat and eye patches, Misc Crowns, feather epilauts, handmade gift shell hair combs.

Alchemy gothic set, Barets and Hysteria Machine tentacle hairband.

Bags: BTSSB, Rainhouse, and Misc Taobao bag.

(Left) Misc offbrand bags. (Right) AATP This is my blood black back + Tarot bag + Book bag.

(left) AATP Tote bags, 2x This is my blood bags, chess bag. (right) More Misc Bags.

AATP Treasure chest bag, another long term wish list item! <3

Killstar Cat bag.

Thanks for looking!

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