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Valerie's 2018 Wardrobe Post


Hello! This is my second wardrobe post after wearing the fashion for about 2 years. You can look through last year's right here!
I chose not to include stand-alone pictures of things that aren't main pieces because I wear a lot of off-brand/"normie" items in my outfits and that's not as interesting to see, but you can see glimpses of some of them in these pictures.
You will find that I enjoy more casual, every-day coordinates and absolutely love both sweet lolita in primary colors and gothic lolita, with a few pieces that don't belong to either category.


Emily Temple Cute - Alice Chess Print SK
I wanted to collect a lot of Alice in Wonderland-themed dresses and skirts but I've come to realize that most of them don't really match the styles I gravitate to. However, this skirt is very versatile so I've kept it even though it's a bit of an outlier in my closet.

Emily Temple Cute - Bear Jars SK
I love this print because it reminds me of vintage cartoons, especially the cookie jar bear, and it fits right in with the retro vibes I'm trying to channel. It also reminds me a little bit of Honey Cake, a dress I'd love to own someday.

Macaron et Mademoiselle - Chocolate JSK
The other outlier in my wardrobe. I really wanted a chocolate dress and this one was very cheap. I will likely be listing it on LaceMarket soon.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille - Pop Swinger OP
I love that some of the words on this dress are written in glitter and that "Lolita" is written on some of the records in the print. I will put it up for sale soon because it's getting a bit small on me, but I hope to find the JSK version someday.

Angelic Pretty - French Girl JSK
I've fallen in love with scalloped edges on clothing. Throw polka dots into the mix and it becomes too cute to pass up.

Bacio Bouquet - Popcorn Carnival JSK
I'm really loving popcorn prints. I really hope more of them show up!

Emily Temple Cute - Duck Print SK
I'm not sure how old this print is but this skirt definitely shows some age. It looks almost natural with these adorable vintage duckling illustrations though.

Emily Temple Cute - Air Pop JSK
My gateway dress. I was fine admiring the fashion from afar until I saw this. I was so smitten I actively searched for it, which made me see other cute dresses I wanted and got, and now here we are two years later...

Metamorphose Temps de Fille - Apple JSK
My holy grail!!!! I expected to search for it for many years but my lovely friend decided to let it go. I love the round embroidered collar, the apple-shaped buckle, the excited worm, EVERYTHING! I will keep it forever, even if I eventually stop wearing lolita.

Bodyline - Sailor JSK (costume839)
It's nothing special but that's what makes it special. It's useful when I want to wear something I don't want to be fussing over.

Angelic Pretty - Retro Dot OP
One of the cutest releases from last year! I didn't think I'd see it pop up secondhand so soon but I'm happy it did. I love those ridiculous, oversized, useless red buttons.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille - Telephone SK
Leave it to Meta to make a lolita series on denim. I love their mascots the most out of all the lolita mascots and it makes me sad they're nowhere to be found on Meta's newer releases.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille - Biscuit JSK
My kindergarten teacher/alphabet soup dress! It's so horribly tacky but I love it. It has the fullest skirt out of all my dresses. The contrasting collar is my favorite part but I end up wearing it without it most of the time because I can't seem to find a way to make it work. :(

Metamorphose Temps de Fille - Cat Door SK
I love this because it's basically a comic strip on a skirt. It's one of the most versatile things I own, but I'm looking to replace it with the JSK version.

Alice and the Pirates - Sleepless Masquerade in the Twilight OP
A dream dress I never thought I'd get. Sentimental Circus is my favorite cute mascot series and this is such a beautiful collaboration between them and AatP. I don't get to wear it too often but I'm very happy to own it.

Lace Collar JSK
A dress I got at a fleamarket for about 5 bucks. It fits a petticoat and has this lace collar that I feel works with lolita. I'm going to be turning it into a skirt soon.

Ista Mori - Nameless Poem OP
This dress has had so many re-releases everyone and their dog owns it by now. It doesn't leave a lot of room for creativity but I love its clean simplicity. Ista Mori struck gold with this design.

Sweet Dreamer - Black Lace JSK
I'm not too happy with this dress, to the point that I probably won't buy dresses from Sweet Dreamer again, but I wanted a gothic dress I could wear in hot weather and it works perfectly well for that.

Dear Celine - The Little Mermaid OP
It's missing the ruching up the sides that was shown in preview pictures but I prefer it this way. I really dig the off-the-shoulder look even if it's ~scandalous~ for lolita.

Akane & Alois - Devil Doll OP
I bought this as a cheap way to pad up the gothic side of my wardrobe and ended up loving it more than I expected. It fits like a glove and the long sleeves and long length make me feel magical, but they also mean I can't wear it much because of how hot it gets here.

Innocent World - Belinda OP
Like the previous dress, I can't wear this one much due to the weather. It's a shame because it's simplicity makes it so easy to wear. I love the little roses in the lace and how fucking STURDY this dress feels. I would definitely like to get some more IW into my closet!


That's all of them! For the most part, I was able to stick to my wardrobe goals from last year. This year I'd like to continue growing the gothic side of my wardrobe and I'd like to exercise the patience to save up for some of the more expensive dresses I've been drooling over.

If you're interested in seeing these and other coords worn, feel free to follow me on instagram!

Thank you for looking!

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