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Gwenchan's Wardrobe


Welcome to my fourth wardrobe post. You can find my last years post here, 2016 here and my 2015 post here .
Over the last year my wardrobe changed a little bit and I was able to find some of my dream dresses.

Innocent Word

Espandy JSK

Rose Princess JSK

Sharon JSK

Royal Library Corset JSK

Rose Jacquard JSK with pearls

Elizabeth JSK

British Crown JSK

Germaine OP

Venessa Jacket and Skirt

Unknown Name Coat

Unknown Name Blouses
Standing Collar Rose Lace Blouse

Sophia Pullover
Concordia Pullover

Ribbon Bustier
Pearskin Bow Jabot Blouse

Torchon Lace Short Bolero
Unknown Name Bolero

Sleeve Ribbon Knit Pullover
Rachel Short Bolero

Rosine Half Bonnet
Royal Library Headbow
Triple Rose Round Shape Clip
Unknown Name Hairbows

Royal Library Tights
Rose OTKs
Rose and Ribbon Cross OTSk

Rococo Rose OTKs
Torchon Lace Knee Socks

Baby the stars shine bright & Alice and the Pirates

Marie Antoinette Beautiful Splendid
Queen Portrait JSK

Träumerei of bright stars JSK

Ave Marie Heavenly Princess and
Madonna Lily OP

Moonlit Forest Aurora Soiree Princess JSK

Queens Coach JSK II

Queens Coach Bonnet

Moonlit Forest Aurora Soiree Tights

Ave Maria Empress of Heaven and Madonna Lily Headbow
Moonlit Forest Aurora Soiree Headdress

Sophia Blouse
Floret Ribbon Pullover

Angelic Pretty

Precocious Lady JSK

Petite Etoille JSK

Dramatic Rose OP

Fairy Rose Princess OP

Fairy Rose Princess Tights

Ballgown Cutsew

Dramatic Rose Canotier
Fairy Rose Princess Barrette
Fluffy Sugar Barrette

Little Flower Cuffs

Victorian Maiden

Rose Bouquet Stripe Chiffon OP

Chiffon Petal Ribbon JSK

Noble Queen JSK

Crown Print JSK

Classical Rose Comb

Juliette et Justine

La Dame a la Licorne JSK

St Cecilia JSK

Die Sterntaler OP

Cameo Pattern OTKs

Sucre et Fleur Special Headdress


Briar JSK

Celestial Light OP

Celestial Light OTks


Vintage Cameo JSK

Princess Crown Bouquet JSK

Vintage Cameo Headdress
unknown Headbow

Other Brands

Mary Magdalene Antoinette Fleur OP

Sweet Dreamer Flower Wonderland JSK

Yolanda Leonora OP

Souffle Song Wishing Stars JSK

Emily Temple Cute Lace JSK
Grimoire Flower Skirt
Offbrand Skirt

Miss Point white Blouse
Infanta Fairy Dance Blouse

Magic Teaparty brown Blouse
Lily J Lace Cutsew

Cutie Creator Headdress
Handmade Flower Headbands
Bijou Brigitte Rose Headband
Yolanda Leonora Hairclip

Rococo Sould Headdress
Offbrand Hat

Yolanda Leonora Bonnet

Offbrand white Heandbag
Innocent World Rose Lace Book Bag
Offbrand black Handbag


Little Red Riding Hood JSK

Rose Stripe JSK

Purple Rose JSK

Christmas Headdress
Black Rose Headdress

This is the end of my long wardrobe post. I hope you enjoyed it.
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