Kaitlyn_Moore15 (lolita_girl16) wrote in egl,

Gothic and Sweet Wardrobe 2018

Ah it's good to see EGL alive again for the yearly wardrobe posts!! I wear both gothic and sweet lolita so here is a look at all my dresses, skirts, etc so let's go!

Let's start off with my OPs because I only have two of them.

This one here is Bodyline's Stripe Balloon Bears in Black. I love how it's so cute but not super bright and pink like most sweet dresses!

Ohhh yeah this is like one of my fave dresses ever!!! It's Fantasy Dream by Souffle Song it's so gothic and beautiful it makes me feel like an evil queen I love it! Now let's look at some skirts!

This skirt is Metamorphose Moonlight Night. It's so elegant and pretty! I love the spooky gates :)

This is my newest lolita piece it's an Angelic Pretty suspender skirt and it's called Dreamland Skirt. IT HAS POCKETS and that makes me so happy because I adore pockets!!

This skirt here was one of my dream skirts for so long!!! And I finally got it a year or two ago. It's Souffle Song's Golden Swan Lake. It's a soft velveeteen skirt with such beautiful gold details. It's a very heavy skirt so it's perfect for the winter time!

This here was my first ever lolita piece. It was orignally a JSK that I got off of ebay when I was 12 but as I got older I realized how cheap looking the top of it was so I turned it into a skirt and now I love it all over again! Now let's look at my JSKS

This is actaully my newest JSK I got back in Novemebr. It's Chess Story's Unicorn Castle in Pink. I love everything Unicorn related so this jsk was perfect for me! I don't wear sweet lolita too offten but I do own mostly sweet lolita dresses my normal daily clothing is just basic gothic and casual gothic lolita but I do like feeling specal and extra girly some days with sweet lolita,

So this one is Squirl Party in sax. Its my personal fave bodyline jsk because It's so cute!! Even though the print is reveresd I still love it to bits!

And lastly we have this bodyline jsk it's the carnival one in pink. I like wearing this one to all the amusment parks I go to because of the carasol on it.

That was my 2018 wardrobe post! I love the egl wardrobe posts every year its so fun seeing what everyone has and I love seeing how my lolita wardrobe is growing and seeing my style and everyone else's develop. I'll see you all again next year toodles!!


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