eglmods (eglmods) wrote in egl,

Wardrobe post month is here

it wouldn't be January without the wardrobe post theme!

It's that time of year again to show off your lolita wardrobe! Feel free to share with the community what you have in your closet - whether it be every single item you've had after being in the fashion for years, or your first piece of lolita that you just picked up! Either way, the EGL community looks forward to taking a peek inside your wardrobe :)

Please remember that After the first image all other images MUST be place under a LJ cut.
Images larger than 500 px x 800 px will break our community's layout!

We will be commenting on posts with excessively large images/ no LJ Cuts and requesting that the original poster correct the mistakes. Per the rules, if you don't fix this within 24 hours, we will delete your post!

Thank you for your understanding!
Tags: !mod post, community: wardrobe post, mod, theme: january

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