Sprinkle (sprinklepuff) wrote in egl,

Gabalnara Wigs - Ordering

Has anyone here ordered a wig from Gabalnara? I placed an order on 9/21 and they emailed me the next morning saying the three items would ship out on 9/29. Since then, I haven't heard a thing, and my order status is still listed as "Before Shipment" or "Queued for Shipment." No tracking number. I've tried contacting them very politely via Facebook and their messaging system on the website. I've used both English and Korean, thanks to a friend. I made sure to be suuuper polite, but nothing! I'm pretty shocked that after five days they haven't responded at all. Usually Korean companies, along with Japanese companies, have amazing customer service.

Did anyone else receive a tracking number with their order(s)? They only ship to the US using EMS...
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