December 29th, 2014


EGL Revival

For the longest time, the EGL community here on Livejournal was the main community hub for the international lolita community, having been around since the early days of the fashion’s first ventures outside Japan, when many admirers of the fashion were still not very sure of what was and wasn’t lolita. The EGL community has been a cornerstone in the development of lolita fashion and is one of the most complete sources for any sort of information regarding lolita. Here we have the Lolita Handbook, arguably the most definitive English text available to all newcomers of the fashion to get a primer on the fashion before diving in. Along with the Lolita Handbook we also have the EGL Memories, where the most memorable and informative posts are stored for anyone to access. I’m sure many lolitas remember when they first came across EGL and spent their afternoons reading the Handbook, combing through the Memories, and endlessly lurking on the community before finally participating as full-fledged member.

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I was wondering what was everyone's lolita hobby if they have one. is it sewing, knitting, baking, or something else. I personally like sewing and knitting, but I wish I could also embroider. it'd be cool if you could share photos of stuff you've worked on.

Lolita New Year's Resolutions

So, this year I had the idea to write down a list for my Lolita specific New Year's Resoutions.
I think it's a fun thing to do, also it helps me to keep track of my goals. Would you girls like to try and share yours too? What would you like to archieve in 2015 for your Lolita self? What do you need to learn? What do you need more of? What do you want to improve in? Share your resolutions with me!

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San Antonio Comm Questions

Hi guys! I'm really curious about the SATX Lolita Community, as I live close to SA. But I know pretty much zilch about it, and don't know if it's worth it to join the FB page and then unjoin. So I have a few questions.

How open and friendly is it?

How big is it?

What's the age range?

Thank you so much! <3