December 27th, 2014

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I remember reading a comment on here saying that you can custom order a bonnet from triple fortune through atelier pierrot. But that comment was made like 4 years ago, so I was wondering if you can still do that and if not can anyone recommend a reputable store who sells triple fortune like elaborate bonnets, whether its readymade or custom made.
Thank you in advance ^^
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Meta sizing

Okay so I'm confused; Meta's sizing in the charts is always tiny like waist measurements of 60cm but I see plus sized lolita's co-ording it beautifully everywhere and I'm always hearing how it's a more plus sized friendly brand.

I've never ordered from them before and I'm not entirely out of their size range but I don't want to just take the plunge without asking anyone who has first

Is there a certain amount of give all Meta items have? Or are only some accomidating? Should you just stick to the shirred items if in doubt?

Any help would be appreciated.

Cyperous blonde wigs?

I've been searching far and wide for a realistic looking blonde wig that I can wear both in lolita and for everyday wear. I want something close to my natural hair colour which is a golden blonde. I've heard a lot of good things about Cyperous but I can't seem to find any pictures of their blonde wigs worn, and I am having trouble deciding which colour would suit me best and look the most realistic.

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