December 26th, 2014

charlotte, pmmm, madoka

Is Loligirls: the story behind frills and bows still available somewhere?

Hello everyone!

I'm currently looking for the documentary LoliGirls: the story behind the frills and bows. I looked for it on every websites I knew plus the ones Google indicated me and I have no clue where to watch it online... Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not intending to steal it, but I can't find it even on pay per view...

So if anyone here has an idea or a link, I'd be very grateful :)

Please everyone have a really nice time with your family, friends and the one you likes!

[Please forgive me if I made any error, I'm still learning English ^_^]

Seasonal prints during off season?

Something that's been on mind now that the year is coming to a close and I've recently fallen for a gorgeous print that's pretty Christmas related-how do you all feel or handle wearing dresses with prints outside of the season it's intended for? Do you not care and will wear them year round, or do you hoard them for 11 months and wear the bajeezus out of them once it's the appropriate month? I'm curious to see how others handle the issue and your opinion on what other Lolita's choose to do.