December 24th, 2014

Marchen die Prinzessin Dec Reservation Dress 'Romantic Masquerade'

Hello, girls! This is 'Marchen die Prinzessin' owner Marie.
Long time no see. How are you?
It's winter in Korea. Very very verrrrrrrrrry cold.. -_-

Our this reservation dress theme is masquerade carnival!
Especially, I prepared vest type, tricorn and scepter!

I glad to show this dress, and I hope to you'll like this dress and pictures.
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Thank you for watching :)

Liz Lisa LP

Quick question to see if any one has had a similar experience or can offer advice, I bought a Liz Lisa LP through and everything seemed fine. I entered the address that tenso gave and used an American card. The charges showed as pending for three days then disappeared. But, order history for Liz Lisa shows up and I have the points for having purchased it. Did it really go through? Will the charge appear at a later date because the packs don't technically come out until next month? I contacted tenso but they more or less said they can't help for purchase concerns, only shipping. Many thanks in advance :D


okay so I know this has probably been asked before please let me know if this isn't allowed but  I was kind of looking for an updated list of some places I could get a cute (quality) wig. I want something that I can wear with lolita or everyday it doesn't matter! thanks guys!