December 21st, 2014

What are your 2015 Lolita goals or resolutions?

Hi everybody! I started a little list the other day of things I know I need for my wardrobe. Then the list grew and became more of a goals/resolutions list so I thought I'd ask if anyone else is doing the same!

Do you have a goal for 2015? Maybe a wishlist or to-purchase list? Any kind of resolution for the frilly new year?

A few things on my list are:
To wear Dreaming Macaron at least once or sell it (I bought it this past summer and have not worn it at all, even though it's so beautiful and I've coordinated it and everything!)
To buy a new petticoat or two
Make a waredrobe post in January (This was sort of a 2014 goal as well)
And hopefully to purchase at least one dream item from my wishlist!

So what are you hoping to accomplish as a Lolita in 2015? Make a frilly resolution!