December 20th, 2014

lucky pack love

Hey everyone im thinking about buying myself my first lucky pack for Christmas! But I can't decide where to buy from I want a pack with lots of variety and a choice of sizes. I dont realy want to spend over $150 where would be good to buy from? Do taobao brands do lucky packs? I like more sweet styles and pastel colours but I do like abit of gothic too. It would be nice to get a dress, skirt and some fun accessories! I did see a chess story pack but that was more like a set and I didn't like the design.

MeLikesTea! Voile petticoats?

I searched through tags, memories, and searched "MeLikesTea!" and "voile" in the searchbar to no avail.
Has anyone bought one of the Voile petticoats from MeLikesTea? I heard positive reviews of the tulle ones but what about the voile ones? I imagine they'd be softer but would they hold a poof like i'd want? I've heard tulle deflates easily so if the voile will hold up and keep a poof then I'd like to get one of those instead.