December 19th, 2014


Bunny House Petticoat Review - Positive

For any and all who were curious about the Bunny House petticoats, I have recently reviewed mine on my blog and I honestly think I have found The One for decent cupcake poof! Mine is their "XL" size (i.e. XL poof!)

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Click here for the full details!

The only thing I would add is that it doesn't appear to deflate with storage - it's been unceremoniously stuffed in drawers and transported halfway across the world in an overfull suitcase, and still gives the same shape as in the original review!

London Photos??

Anyone in London who would be interested in being photographed for an exhibition / book project?

I'm a photographer, you can see my website here:

I'm doing a series of portraits of Londoners, anyone living in London (don't need to be born here). I'm looking for all sorts of people who are fun, interesting, colourful, beautiful, different etc. I'd love to shoot someone for it who is into the Lolita scene.

If this sounds dubious please check out my website and you'll see I photograph lots of different scenes and lots of people for magazines etc.

As thanks for anyone I photograph, I'd be happy to email them the photos and do a nice print of their favourite one.

It should be fun and I can promise you some good pictures out of it. You can email me through my website.



Q: lucky pack?

I am looking for some info on lucky packs, more specific were or witch Lolita stores/brands/websites sell them and I will like to ask for help with deciding on my first lucky pack purchase. This is a great time to buy because yen is at 118.11 to the dollar. (*^ . ^*)
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