December 17th, 2014

Frugal lolita rant past saturday I was on Bodyline stalking some shoes.I planned on ordering them the following week via EMS.EMS was 26 usd then.Now cut to wednesday December 16 (said following week) and the price of EMS has gone up to 43 dollars!I mean I KNOW its the holiday season and shippings gonna go up but fuck me-its BODYLINE!this is frickin BODYLINE we're talking about,and I'll be damned if im paying double the amount of shipping on some BODYLINE just because its the Holidays.Seriously,the extra 20 bucks aint gonna make my order come any faster considering its already EMS.Plus if im gonna go big in cash(or at least beyond my usual budget) I might as well save up to buy brand because again,its Bodyline shoes.All im sayin is the shoes better at least come in a frickin box after paying 83$(double the actual price of the shoes) for them.Call me crazy and stingy with money but really?20$?It might not seem like much but it just bugs me for some reason.I could've spent that extra 20 on the bloomers I wantedDX!fuck.Well.Guess its air and two weeks of torture for me.*flips a table*
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