December 4th, 2014

Advice for Purchasing Brand with the intent to trade?

Hey guys, recently I fell in love with Metamorphose's Magical Starry Sky series, specifically the Chiffon Dress version. I really wanted to get the Wine version becasue I had a cooard planned for it, but it sold out before I was able to get the money for it. My question is, do you guys think it's a good idea to get the dress in another color with only the intent to trade it for the color I love? Also which color do you think would be more popular/I have a better chance of trading for? I've never bought brand from the shops before, only through second hand, but I'd really like to get this dress in wine so any advice would be greatly appreceated!

Buying from these people, first time, want to be cautious

Hellooo EGL.
I'm buying from amazon, an aunt gave me a shitton of giftcards for it. I would have preferred a prepaid card, but oh well.
They have little reviews on their stuff, and the fact that they sell costumes makes me nervous.
I hate to add to the OH GOD A NEW LOLITA ASKING FOR ADVICE, HOW ODD thing.
But I want to know if it's good stuff, and I can't find a guide for it, maybe I'm not looking hard enough.
I'm verrrry suspicious if It's just a resell or it's costume material, because they also added a hideous lace-monster dress and called it lolita, and now I'm really bothered. The skirts for the most part look cute.

I'd also like advice on good amazon sellers of lolita, and how to tell if it's costume material or not.
It's just that the skirts are cheap, and I'm starting out, and it has alot of sizes, so I want to experiment.
Sometimes they label their stuff as
lolita AND cosplay.

tl:dr Tell me good amazon sellers, and tell me if those skirts are good pls.
I'd also really appreciate if people didn't complain about whether or not this is a stupid question.
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Lolitas Behaving Badly

I ran into a young lady on FB who utterly despised the rules surrounding Lolita, and there was some palpable bitterness in her words. It came to light that she had been publically assaulted by her local comm, because her Wa-Lolita coordinate was made of 'shiny' material. Apparently, she had eggs thrown at her by the other girls back in 2009, and hasn't gone near the comm, or Lolita, since. You read that right, eggs. It sounds too outlandish to be true, but considering I've read stories of having paint dumped on people, I can't be sure. I've read about white-out, tea, jelly, and paint, but eggs is a new one.

Dealing with issues within your own comm is one thing, but when one sees injustices or terrible behavior in a nearby comm, is there anything you can or should do? Have you heard of a person being bullied like this? Have you been personally harassed like this?