December 3rd, 2014

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Best Lolita Links! Dec. 2014 Edition

Sharing time! Sharing time!
What are the best websites you've found over the years in regards to Lolita fashion?
A lot of link lists are out of date so I'm hoping this thread can become a more current / updated list of resources that we can refer people back to. A good idea might be, though no one has to use it in their post, is to list links under some categories like; Collapse )

Rectangle headdress

Hi, I'm new to EGL and Lolita :) I haven't really got any Lolita things yet, I'm hoping to get some stuff with Christmas and birthday money, but I have been trying to make some things.
I made this rectangle headdress, but I was worried that I might just end up looking like a bit of a poser... What do you think?



New to Lolita

Hey everyone,

so I'm gothic and I want to get into gothic Lolita however i'm not sure if the website is a off brand site. they do have Lolita clothing so are they? I'm also dying to met some Lolita's in my area (DMV) how do I find out about meet ups if there are any in my area?