December 2nd, 2014


Cristmaspacks from Ergi

I just bought from Lolitabutiken, a fortunepack. I never tried this before, I actually only buy a Petticoat, but then I saw them. The only thing I only got conformation email from Paypal, not from Ergi. It is more than 10minutes ago, how long does take to get one(I have checked the spam box and printed the order conformation out from the website).

I can't wait for the pack from Ergi.
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Is QutieLand reliable?

Hello! I just wanted to ask if QutieLand is reliable, or if I should just use something like TaoBao Spree, since I know that most of the items on QL are from TaoBao from what I've read. Collapse )
I'm fairly new to the Lolita community and I mostly just know to avoid Milanoo and their many other sites they own 'v'; Anyways, back to QL. I was hoping to get this JSK ( but Ive heard that sometimes the shipping is outrageously expensive (like 1/2 the price of the item/s or more). Either way, I would love to own this for a mini-panel I'm going to be doing at my libraries first teen anime convention they are doing next year, depending on if ordering from QL is a good idea or using a SS is better. I've searched in the search function, but the reviews it brought up for me were from a few years ago, and they could have changed since then. (sorry if my spelling or grammar seems bad I've had a lot of issues with writing things recently;; Also I am sorry for if I posted in the wrong tags, I just joined the community on here today)
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