October 29th, 2014


I want to meet Israeli lolitas :)

This is Little-Aiko. I'm from Russia.
I presumably will be in Israel from 8th to 21th November (business trip).
But still I don't know in how city or town I will be(
I want so much to meet with Israeli lolitas!
(I hope that one of my outfits fit in my little suitcase)
Maybe you want to meet me too?
(Ppppphph, my English is the worst in whole world, sorry)
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Metamorphose 2014 A / W Coordinate Contest

Metamorphose 2014 Autumn and Winter Coordinate Contest
The requirements to enter seems very reasonable; Main Piece needs to be Meta, no more then Three people in the same shot & has to clearly showcase their brand items (no uber layering over the main piece, strange out-of-focus artsy shots with weird angles).

Contest Details; http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/2014aw-contest_details.html

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sleeping beauty

A few reviews of taobao and ergi by piratessen stuff.

I'm really sorry for the format of this, basically I realise I should have put my own sewing stuff in a seperate post, not combined a load of blog waffle with this, but herein be reviews of classical puppets petti, the Sleipnir dress by Ergi by Piratessen (I hadn't seen a review floating around here) and a blouse by HMHM....
Hope its helpful. :-)

Nekocon's first Lolita Social

On Sunday, November 9th at noon Nekocon is having their first ever Lolita social!! Since Nekocon’s theme this year is “down the rabbit hole,” we’ll be having a picnic in the red queen’s garden! We’ll have good food, croquet and great prizes from local indie brands Sweet Mildred and Belladonna. Attendees should be dressed in Lolita, Ouji or Aristocrat, but you can bring one guest who isn’t. Admission is free with your Nekocon badge. We’ll be in workshop 2. Please come on time because space is limited.

Event page on Facebook:
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OxyClean/Woolite on Dream Sky in Black?

Hey everyone! Last week I was super excited to receive one of my dream dresses in the mail – Dream Sky in black. I was not so excited when I opened it to find what appeared to be tea stains down the front! A trip to the dry cleaners later, and the stains are still there. :( Does anyone have experience using Woolite or OxyClean on Dream Sky? I searched the archives and found a post where someone said they were able to wash the dress in cold water, but that's all...

(I am working with the seller to sort this. I'm going to leave it up to her whether I should try any further cleaning, this post is just part of our research.)

Edit: Since Dream Sky is machine washable, I figured water wouldn't hurt the fabric, so in a tear of frustration I set up the offending portion of fabric on a towel, and dabbed at it from the back side with a wet towel. Wouldn't you know it, the stains lifted! With a little OxyClean on the tough spots came about 98% of the way out. It's totally wearable now. Not perfect, but back to being in good condition. :)