October 9th, 2014

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What do you NEED right now?

Not want, not wish for; Need. Is there something missing in your wardrobe? A fatel flaw in your collection, a hole that instead of filling you've been dancing around? Avoiding? Is it something boring? Something no very shocking but utterly carries a coord? Is it because the thing you need is too expensive or you're waiting to see if it will pop up secondhand for less?

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  • lafarat

Lolifying Suitcases/Laptop bags?

Lolita purses are lovely things, but if there's one thing they lack, it's space. Some struggle to hold wallets and car keys, and some can barely choke down credit cards and some coins, so you can forget entirely about laptops. I have been searching for years now, in vain, for a loliable laptop bag. There are plenty of lovely leather suitcases at the thriftshop where I work, and I am not at all against modifying one, but all of them are very utilitarian looking. How do you spice up the appearence of a leather briefcase to make it look more suitable? I doubt slapping lace on it would work.

Issues with Clothing Drop?

Hello all, I rarely post to the community anymore because I travel extensively for work, but I have a growing concern with the closure of the consignment website Clothing Drop. I had / have a number of items consigned with them, that I was told would be shipped back to a US domestic residence in August upon closure of their website. Well, I've just recently spoken to my friend who was to receive that package for me and discovered that nothing has been returned as of yet. Considering it's October, this is very troubling for me. Is there anyone else out there who had items consigned with Clothing Drop and has received them back? I've sent an email to Clothing Drop just a few days ago and understand that it might take them a while to respond, but it would ease my worry if I heard from a few of their customers who have indeed had their items returned to them.