July 1st, 2014


July Monthly Theme - Vintage

July's theme is Vintage
For lolitas on a budget, vintage items are often a godsend: they match the aesthetic of our fashion, and they put even Taobao's prices to shame! This month, share your favorite vintage finds, your best vintage hunting grounds, or your cutest guide for lolifying a vintage piece. If you don't want to make a post of your own, feel free to discuss the theme in the comments section of this post!

Artwork this month is by sanakanami. You can view more of her work on her DeviantArt.

Petticoat recommendations? Also another petti question...

Hello egl! I'm fairly new to lolita so I'm only just now building up my wardrobe. (Speaking of new, I hope it isn't a problem that I post in colour all the time like this. I don't really see anybody using coloured font so idk if it's only meant or highlighting purposes or if using it as a kind of "theme" is fine, or just too distracting. I do this in forums I go to so I guess it feels a little weird to not post like this ^o^ I'll stop if need be, though!!)

Buuut anyway just recently I received new clothing and I realized when I wore my petticoat under my new skirt it didn't quite look as full as it did in the provided images. I've... actually noticed this with the another skirt I've owned so far too. I own Bodyline's L325 skirt which some probably know that it can be a heavy skirt. It has squished my petticoat under that weight. It wasn't too bad though, I thought it still looked kinda nice with the amount of poof it provided, so I didn't make much of it. But the skirt I just recently got could look a bit better if it were fuller, imo. Idk how large or small (in terms of poof) of a petticoat I should go with, though!

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EDIT: Okay, thank you everybody for the help! I've decided on getting the victorian girl dress petticoat since it's versatile enough for my shorter skirt and versatile in shape so I've got an a-line petti and meanwhile I'll also get a Leg Avenue petticoat for layering when I wear the heavier fabrics.