June 30th, 2014

Salopette pattern?

So, salopettes look pretty easy to make, but i was wondering if anybody had any patterns for them?
Is it just the front and back pieces or is the skirt a separate thing? Has anybody tried before and wouldnt mind sharing? :))) Thanks so much!

Souffle Song Review

Hi everybody! So I did a Souffle Song group order with several people from my community. I decided to do a review, since we all ordered a lot of different stuff! So, I asked my friends if they would allow me to review their items once I got them, and they said yes. Don't worry, gloves were worn the whole time, and everything was carefully repackaged :D
We ordered JSKs, overdresses, jewelry, accessories, and OTKs. This review is VERY image heavy! If you have any questions regarding the whole experience or any of the items, please feel free to ask. You can comment below or send me a PM and I would be glad to help out.
Pictures, details, and information about the experience are all under the cut!

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