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The EGL Community
For Gothic & Lolita Fashion. Hosted by LiveJournal.
May 20th, 2014 

On May 16th, 2014, we had an exhibition of current designs from independent lolita designers at Anime Central in Rosemont, IL.

✿✿✿ Participating Brands - Designer ✿✿✿

Ribbons - Adrian Pitts
Dream Princess - Molly Grupka
Asystole - Diana Allen
Rina Cali - Catherine Calixto
mossbadger - Jordana Robinson
Victorian Angel by Amy Marie Couture - Amy Marie Fenderson
Kinki Kitty - Helena TheOsakaKoneko

Click through for photos from the show!Collapse )
In line with this month's theme, let's discuss Florals, and where their appeal can end, for certain people. I've been staring longingly after BTSSB's Floral Print Classical JSK in mint for what feels like an eternity. I am head over heels in love with it, and have been since I've laid eyes on it months ago. Of course, it being something I covet far harder than anything my neighbor owns, it's my desktop picture. My future mother-in-law saw it over my shoulder, and when I told her how much I wanted it, I was greeted with this line:

'I guess if you like wearing grandma's couch, then be my guest.'

It got me thinking. Where is the line between a beautiful floral fabric, and the musty old sofa cushions? Is it a design choice? Is it color pairings? Is it all subjective? I'll admit freely that I've used upholstery fabric in a couple of my handmade pieces, but I've never considered anything I've produced close to 'dirty old couch'. When does beautiful become 'kitschy'? Has anyone else made comments like this towards you? Does this factor into whether you buy any floral prints or not?
Gaudy Grandma or Feminine Florals, You Decide!Collapse )
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