May 10th, 2014

Rusty Headband

Hey guys; long time no post. I come to you all today with a problem; my Btssb Princess Drop headband is rusty.

At first I thought it was because of where I was storing it, a metal cake stand that while painted is beginning to rust at the joins, but even after removing it and storing it in wood new rust spots are still appearing. I have it in cream so the rust is rather noticible

What can I do? Is there anyway to remove the rust or treat it so more doesn't appear? Where should I keep it to keep it dry, I mean is it going to have to live in my hot water cupboard?

If anyone else has ever had this problem or has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Crazy, outlandish themes you would love to see pulled off in Lolita

Inspired by a post on facebook depicting 'Redneck Lolita', it got me thinking. With all the substyles and themes we currently have, who's pushing the envelope? Once a year, during Halloween, we see people pull out all the stops and create truly outlandish, wild, jaw-dropping designs and themed pieces. Why not have a little more fun with that? Even if they push the boundaries of what could be considered 'Lolita', what fun is there in sticking strictly to what's been rehashed over and over again? Why stop at satin, when we could run LEDs through our OP and make Tron-lita? Why do carousels again when you could have a beer-stein print? How about instead of another round of delicate, easily torn chiffon, someone throws down and produces a ruffled Ouji piece entirely out of denim? We could call it Cowboy-Prince style or something, who knows! Let's be creative today, and show examples of Lolita pushed to the absolute limit, or just inventive, crazy ideas that push the boundary of costume and every day wear. Every great jump in the fashion industry started off as controversial, after all. Let's get a little silly today.

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