April 1st, 2014

Name of this set?

Haii~ I have this set that I bought from a friend in the fall and she doesn't remember the name of it and I can't find it on Lolibrary. I think I have the product number (?) for it, but I'm not sure. If I'm right, it would be on a tag on the inside of the skirt?

It's a discontinued set so I can't just go to Body Line and check what it's called. If anyone knows the name of it, it'd be awesome if you could let me know!!



I can also add more pictures if needed.
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Wigs + Skin Tone?

Hi guys!

I've been a lolita for about a year now and I've been wearing coordinates without wigs. I dress classical, but sweet once in a while. Therefore, I stick to just staying with my hair. But, I want to wear a wig, but I don't know where to start based on my skin color.
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