March 31st, 2014


F+F's bloomers?

I'm coming back to Lolita after a year-long hiatus (lost some inches in the waist, what little Loli stuff I had got too big, got discouraged), and I'm looking at bloomers for the first time.  I see F+F has a bunch of different styles, and I was wondering how good their quality is.  Are they comfortable for all-day wear?  (Currently eyeing these or these.)

Thank you!

Brolita help request

Firstly, I apologise if this isn’t the place to post introductions or advice requests- I’m new to this forum, and to Lolita in general.

I’ve been interested in Lolita for a while, and I’m pretty sure I’d like to buy something. However, being male, this is quite problematic. I know that there exist brolitas, but so far I’ve not been able to find many resources for men who want to get into Lolita. I came across a blog or two which, while interesting, weren’t very informative. There’s an LJ community, but it seems to be inactive. The EGL seems like quite a large and active community, so I thought I could ask for help here.

After about a year of searching, I’ve finally found a dress (I much prefer OPs to JSKs) that I like, from a site that sounds trustworthy and that allows customisation: Anna House’s 015-1167. I’ve pretty much made up my mind that I’m going to buy it, but I’m a bit confused about how to take measurements.

I’ve got a measurement for my chest and waist, but length seems to be a problem. I’m 6’3”, so height is really problematic (hence the need for custom clothes). I presume that I measure from my shoulder to my knees, but would that be enough? Or would it also be useful to provide measurements for shoulder to waist, or waist to knee? I’m aware that English isn’t the first language of the owners of Anna House, so I don’t want to confuse matters by throwing in lots of unorthodox measurements. Also, if I supply a measurement, should I add on a few inches to compensate for the effects of a petticoat? Or is that done by the seamstresses?

Also, is there anything else people think I should know before ordering. I've lurked on this forum for a while, but I don't feel that confident.

Plum and deep purple colored shoes

Now that I'm armed with birthday money, I'm on the hunt for a pair of plum or dark purple colored shoes to match a classic coord I have planned, but deep purple seems to be a really elusive color. The dress itself is a plum color, and while I plan to wear it with cream or black, I need a purple shoe to balance the outfit out and carry the color across the rest of the coord. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could find such a shoe? Modcloth's been counted out. No tea-parties, please.