March 28th, 2014

Tenma, Monster

Old/'Vintage' Brand Items!

Since March (and the old school theme) is almost over, I thought it would be kind of cool to have members share their actual 'vintage' old school lolita items that might be hanging in their closets. I've taken inspiration from this post made back in 2010 (, but I figured it would be a fun topic to revive since pieces are bound to have changed hands since then. So everyone, what are the oldest lolita pieces that you own? Do you guys have pieces do you have hanging in your closet that are pre-2005? Pre-2003? Show off!

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Worn/Coordinated Pics of VM's Suzette Frill OP and AATP's Royal Crown's Tea Package JSK II?

So I've recently purchased Victorian Maiden's Suzette Frill OP in navy and I'm having trouble deciding what kind of hair accessory I should purchase to go with the dress, and so to get some inspiration I would like to see how other people have coorded this dress.
I've also recently bought Royal Crown's Tea Package JSK II from Alice and the Pirates and I'm not sure what type of blouse would go best with the JSK so I would love to see the types of blouses other people have paired with this JSK ^^